1 Ply

1Kg Coil

25Kg Bales

3/4mm $25.60 N/A
4/5mm $25.60 N/A
5/6mm $25.60 N/A

2 Ply LH

500gm Coil

25Kg Bales

2.5/3.0 mm $12.80 N/A
3.0/3.5 mm $12.80 N/A
3.5/4.0 mm $12.80 N/A
4.0/4.5 mm $12.80 N/A
4.5/5.0 mm $12.80 N/A
5.0/6.0 mm $12.80 N/A

2 Ply  RH

500gm Coil

4.0/4.5 mm $12.80  

These prices do not include GST are “Wholesale” for Trade only (those in business). For Retail supplies,  please email for a quote.

Danish Cord (3x Ply) 4.0/4.5mm 500 gram coil $18.50

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